z390 Portable Mainframe COBOL Compiler

zCOBOL Portable Mainframe COBOL Compiler
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z390 Portable Mainframe Assembler and Emulator
08/09/11 SHARE Session 9280 in Orlando on z390, zCOBOL, and zCICS by Don Higgins and Melvyn Maltz
07/27/11 z390 and zcobol full release v1.5.05 with zCICS v10 support including CEDF debugging aid
05/19/11 z390 and zcobol full release v1.5.04 with additional z196 extended opcodes, improved compatibility with HLASM using default NOALLOW, improvement to GETMAIN to reduce fragmentation,
12/23/10 z390 and zcobol full release v1.5.03 with new z196 assembler instructions, corrections to decimal point alignment when moving fixed point and decimal type fields to display fields.
19/27/10 z390 and zcobol full release v1.5.02 with zCICS V9  supporting assembler and zCOBOL with the following enhancements:
1) CEDF Phase 1: Intercepts and Working Storage
2) BMS colour support
3) Non-terminal attach support
5) CEMT INQUIRE/SET FILE fully implemented
6) Corrections to initial VSAM AIX path support
10/08/09 z390 and zcobol PTF v1.5.01a available for download with new ZPARTRS utility support for source code execution tracing of COBOL, EXEC CICS, and assembler.  This PTF also fixes some issues with running zcobol on Linux.  This PTF has been regression tested on Windows Vista, XP, and Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Linux.
09/16/09 Latest August 2009 Draft of ISO COBOL Standard (zip)
09/14/09 z390 and zcobol full release v1.5.01 available for download from www.z390.org.  This release of zcobol now compiles 408 of the NIST COBOL 1985 test suite programs with no assembler errors and with MNOTE level 8 messages for as yet unsupported features.  See NIST test zpar summary report.  This release includes zCICS v8 which includes 13 EXEC CICS COBOL transaction programs you can compile and run on Windows or Linux.  There are also 3 demo COBOL programs and 28 regression tests which can all be compiled and executed.
08/22/09 NIST translate, assemble, and execute statistics plus pending priority list for development
07/18/09 NIST initial translate, assemble, and execute results using test version of zcobol v1.5.01
06/25/09 zcobol updated via z390 PTF v1.5.00e with improved results on NIST test suite plus new ZPAR utilities for batch compiles, batch error summary reporting, and source program execution tracing.
05/26/09 zcobol updated via z390 PTF v1.5.00d with support for COMPUTE statement including support for complex expressions with 15 data types and subscripts and indexes. 
05/26/09 See new COMPUTE example code generation in zcobol system programs guide
04/15/09 The zcobol options page updated to correctly define the 3 options for FLOAT(HEX), FLOAT(BINARY), or the default FLOAT(DECIMAL). 
04/13/09 z390 v1.5.00b PTF with new Decimal Floating Point (DFP) and quad word 128 bit binary integer support.
03/03/09 SHARE Session 8194 in Austin TX presentation on z390 and zcobol
02/28/09 z390 v1.5.00a PTF with addition of zcobol IF condition 88 levels, SET index, subscript, or 88 field, support for mutiple indexes as well as subscripts, and misc. fixes to improve NIST Test Results.
02/21/09 z390 v1.5.00 released with zcobol and www.zcobol.org online documentation published

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